Banaue Rice Terraces

Banaue is synonymous with Luzon’s most famous icon, the Unesco World Heritage–listed Ifugao rice terraces, etched out of the hillsides using primitive tools and an ingenious irrigation system over 2000 years ago. The Ifugao by no means had a monopoly on rice terraces in the Cordillera, but they were arguably the best sculptors, as the mesmerizing display overlooking Banaue suggests.

Sagada is a town nestled among the pine forests at an altitude of 1.480 meters and although it also boasts of picturesque mountain scenery and rice terraces, it is best known for the hanging coffins on the flanks of the limestone cliffs and in the grottoes called The Valley of Echoes. These limestone cliffs amid the pine forests look strangely beautiful, almost eerie because of the wooden coffins wedged among the rocks. Hanging coffins are also found in the caves of Sumaging and Lumiang, both less than an hour away.

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