Balikbayan Visa, Privileges and Benefits


Are you a Filipino who have acquired citizenship in certain countries? Do you want to spend time with your family back in the Philippines? As a Balikbayan, you are entitled to a Balikbayan Visa, which is also extended to your spouse and children as well, as long as they are traveling with you.

No visa shall be required for a maximum stay of one (1) year every time you enter the country to visit, regardless of the frequency of travel.

The Balikbayan has to declare to the Immigration Officer at the port of entry that he/she is availing the privilege and has to present the following documents:


For former Filipino citizens with foreign passport, you need to present your foreign passport and any of the following:

  • Birth certificate or cancelled Philippine passport;
  • Naturalization papers to show former Filipino citizenship; or
  • Certification issued by the adoptive country that the individual is a former Filipino citizen.


For Filipino citizens who have been continuously out of the country, you would need to show your Philippine passport showing date of last departure.


Accompanying family members of the Balikbayan can bring appropriate supporting documents to show evidence of relationship:

  • For the spouse: copy of marriage certificate
  • For each child: copy of birth certificate (indicating the Balikbayan as a parent)
  • For adopted children: copy of adoption papers.


The immigration officer at the port of entry in the Philippines will stamp the one-year stay permit in the passport of the qualified Balikbayan. Thus, a qualified Balikbayan does not need to apply for a visa at the Consulate General.


Do note that restricted nationals must still obtain an entry visa to the Philippines even if they are married to a Filipino or former Filipino citizens.


The non-Filipino spouse and dependent children of a former Filipino can avail of the one-year visa-free Balikbayan stay if their passport is issued by a country listed below. If the country of passport is not listed, the spouse or dependent children must apply for a Philippine visa.


Please do inquire with the Philippine Embassy or Consulate General, if your country of origin is categorized as “Restricted” before making any travel arrangements.


Other perks and benefits of Balikbayans, Overseas Filipino Workers and Filipino Expats are the following:

  • Exemption from travel tax.
  • Duty-free shopping privilege of up to US$2,000.00, provided that shopping must be done within two (2) days upon arrival.


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