Why do you need a travel insurance?

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People don’t hesitate to buy car insurance or get home insurance but for some unknown reason this is not the case when it comes to travel insurance. Although nothing may have happened to you in all your travels so far (lucky for you!) there are constant stories from many of our clients who haven’t been so lucky and wish they took out Travel Insurance. you just need something unfortunate to happen once and insurance could have saved you thousands of dollars not to mention save you from a huge amount of stress.

Luckily in most cases travelling can go without any problem. However of you get seriously ill, lost a baggage, stuck on a unforeseen circumstance such as a natural calamity, cancelled or delayed connecting flight, a terrorist event or even if you lose your passport. Having Travel insurance will get you and your loved-ones covered for just a few extra dollars, compared to the thousands of dollars that you might spending due to the unforeseen circumstances.

It is Better to be safe than sorry!  Accompanying children are free of charge, coverage depends on the plan that you have availed. Plans includes unlimited medical, dental, and gadget insurance while you are on a Holiday or a Business trip on a different country, some plans also include Travel delay compensations and accidental death insurances and funeral expenses.

Get yourself covered, get yourself a travel insurance from Forex Travel Australia. Let us get you a FREE Quote!

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