• A lingering black butterfly is a sign that one of your relatives just died.
  • A falling spider that lands on you is an omen that someone close to you will die.
  • Do not form groups of three or thirteen, or one of you will die.
  • If a person dreams of having his teeth pulled out, this mean that family member will die.
  • Sometimes the soul temporarily leaves the body while in a deep sleep. Rousing a person at this time might kill him.
  • When a tree that was planted upon the birth of a child dies, the child will also die.
  • It is said that the soul of the deceased returns on the third, the fifth, and the seventh days after death.
  • A coffin should be built to fit the corpse; otherwise, a family member of the deceased will soon die.
  • Tears must not fall on the dead or on the coffin; this will make the dead person’s journey to the next world a difficult one.
  • If someone sneezes at a wake, pinch him lest he join the dead.
  • During a wake, never see your visitors off at the door of the chapel or funeral parlor.
  • A widow who caresses her dead husband’s face will surely remarry.
  • Do not sweep the house until after the burial.
  • Always carry the coffin out of the house, church or funeral parlor head first. This prevents the soul of the dead from coming back.
  • During the funeral march, a man whose wife is pregnant should not carry the casket. Before going home, he should light up a cigarette from a fire at the cemetery gate in order to shake off the spirits of the dead.
  • Digging a hole larger than the coffin will cause an immediate relative to join the deceased in the grave.
  • After the coffin has been lowered to the grave, all family members should take a handful of soil, spit on it and throw it in the grave. Doing so will not only bury any evil let behind by the deceased, but also lessen the burden of grief on the family as well.
  • After the funeral service, do not go home directly so that the spirit of the dead person will not follow you to your house.
  • Never let a child step over an open grave lest the spirit of the dead visit that child.
  • Give away your black dresses after one year of mourning to prevent another death in the family.
Source: WikiPilipinas
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