• Brides shouldn’t try on their wedding dress before the wedding day or the wedding will not push through.
  • Knives and other sharp and pointed objects are said to be a bad choice for wedding gifts for this will lead to a broken marriage.
  • Giving an arinola (chamberpot) as wedding gift is believed to bring good luck to newlyweds.
  • Altar-bound couples are accident-prone and therefore must avoid long drives or traveling before their wedding day for safety.
  • The groom who sits ahead of his bride during the wedding ceremony will be a hen-pecked husband.
  • Rains during the wedding means prosperity and happiness for the newlyweds.
  • A flame extinguished on one of the wedding candles means the one whose candle was extinguished will die ahead of the other.
  • Throwing rice confetti at the newlyweds will bring them prosperity all their life.
  • The groom must arrive before the bride at the church to avoid bad luck.
  • Breaking something during the reception brings good luck to the newlyweds.
  • The bride should step on the groom’s foot while walking towards the altar if she wants him to agree to her every whim.
  • A bride who wears pearls on her wedding will be an unhappy wife experiencing many heartaches and tears.
  • Dropping the wedding ring, the veil, or the arrhae during the ceremony spells unhappiness for the couple.
  • The member of the couple stands first after the ceremony, will die ahead of the other.
  • A bride who cries during the wedding will bring bad luck to the marriage.
  • It is bad omen for the newlywed couple if their parents cry during the wedding.
  • Upon entering their new home, the couple should go up the stairs alongside each other so that neither one will dominate the other.
  • An unwed girl who follows the footprints of a newlywed couple will marry soon.
  • If a woman is widowed during the new moon, she will marry again.
  • A person who habitually sits at the head of the table during meals will never marry.
Source: WikiPilipinas

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