Philippine Beliefs and Superstitions

General Health

    • All windows and doors should be wide open for the laboring mother’s easy delivery.
    • Pregnant women should avoid witnessing an eclipse, so that when born their babies would not have the habit of winking the eyes abnormally.
    • An expectant mother should not act as sponsor in a baptismal ceremony to avoid difficulty in delivering her baby or to avoid the death of the fetus or of the newly baptized child.
    • Sitting on the threshold of the house by a pregnant woman will result in a difficult delivery.
    • Taking pictures of a pregnant woman will cause an abortion or a difficult delivery.
    • An expectant mother should have her house neither constructed nor remodeled to avoid difficulty in delivering her baby.
    • Do not partake of the food being eaten by an expecting mother. If you do, you will either become sleepy or will feel drowsy or sick.
    • The new mother should avoid itchy or scratchy foods like gabi, and round fruits or root crops such as citrus, ubetugui, and coconut for three weeks so her inner organs can return to normal.
    • Do not leave the ladle on top or inside of the rice kettle, but set it aside until more rice is needed. This is done so that childbirth will not be difficult.
    • A visitor must not sit or stand on the ladder or at the door, but come inside so that delivery will not be hard.
    • The mother should not eat shellfish. These are slippery and if they are taken from the brook, the baby may be expelled from the womb.
    • An expectant mother should not eat fish from pointed shells lest the baby have too much mucus or drool too much.
    • A pregnant woman is not allowed to cut her hair, she will give birth to a bald baby.
    • Pregnant women should not cry because they will suffer a difficult birth, and the baby will become sensitive and a crybaby.
    • Miscarriages only occur during the odd-numbered months of pregnancy.
    • Taking a bath before delivery will hasten the birth of the baby, as well as of the placenta.
    • An expectant mother should not participate in funeral activities. Doing so would endanger the mother and the baby during delivery. If a pregnant woman wears clothes which were hung overnight, the fetus will be affected.
    • It is believed that when denied the food a pregnant mother likes, her child will salivate profusely and will be prone to vomiting.
    • A pregnant woman should eat all the food on her plate, so that when she delivers, everything will come out, leaving her womb clean.
    • A comb is submerged in coconut milk with sugar to make the mother’s breast full of milk.

Source: WikiPilipinas

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